New Hope for Old Farmers

Posted April 20th @ 20 April, 2014

Imagine my surprise when I read an article in the April 2005 edition of Reader's Digest informing me that membership in Future Farmers of America (FFA) has hit a 22-year record high. Since 1994, the number of farmers' markets around the country also has more than doubled, the article said. I find these two bits of information especially interesting because small family farms have been disappearing from the countryside at an alarming rate over the past 30 years. According to statistics from the ...
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Miracle In Yokosuka

Posted April 19th @ 19 April, 2014

Sometimes things happen and we wonder why. Till this very day I think about the strange night in Yokosuka and wonder why. Yokosuka, Japan was just another one of many port visits my Naval Warship made. My friend Kevin had recently married and I was recently engaged. So, of course we wouldn't be expected to be found in the usual sailor places on this port visit. We hit the beach and decided to go to a family type place that served good pizza and rice wine. Kevin was always good company. He co ...
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Interview with Laura Hickey- Author of Mysterious Chills and

Posted April 18th @ 18 April, 2014

Read an interview with the creator of the children's book -Mysterious Chills and Thrills for Kids. Ten Short Stories to Tickle the Imagination. How long have you been writing? I've been writing for about 12 years now, mostly fiction. I've written non-fiction and poetry and I'm interested in writing non-fiction in the future. I also write articles on writing. How did you become involved with writing for children? Growing up, I loved reading short story fiction and I like writing SCI-FI, ...
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Diary of a Mad Black Woman Doesn't Disappoint, Unfortunately

Posted April 17th @ 17 April, 2014

Tyler Perry strikes again as he brings his hugely successful theatrical stage play Diary of a Mad Black Woman to movie theaters nation wide. A cultural phenomenon, this is Perry's chance to bring his play to a larger audience, unfortunately the movie, much like the play, falls flat. Diary follows the life of Helen (Kimberly Elise) as she tries to put her life back to together after her husband, played by Steve Harris of The Practice fame, unceremoniously and rather cruelly throws her out of ...
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Have Others Sway to Your Dance Music

Posted April 16th @ 16 April, 2014

What separates an achiever from a sheer dreamer? It's persistence and passion. Most of all, you have to be fiercely determined and be a risk-taker in order to savour the fruits of success. All these are de rigueur anytime, anywhere. Making it big in the dance music business, just like any other venture, has its own series of challenges and trials. It is good to be aware that in order to engrave your own niche in the sun, there are examples whom you can get tips from. Be Visible and ...
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Understanding the Music Industry

Posted April 15th @ 15 April, 2014

Some artists and musicians are dying for recording contracts but do thety really know how the music industry works? Before signing any music contracts, you need to educate yourself on the music industry itself. The music industry is fast-paced and ever-changing so you have to keep up! First, read as many books on how the music industry works as possible. Learn the ins and outs and everything in between, especially music business contracts. Take some continuing education courses at the local ...
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3 Steps to Handling Free Music Contracts to Your Advantage

Posted April 14th @ 14 April, 2014

It is easy to find Free Music Contracts but what exactly are they? These agreements are forms that have the basic clauses of the deal. They are great for anything that just needs a simple agreement. They can be a real time saver and certainly prevent you from having to put up a lot of money for an entertainment attorney. There are many places that you can find these forms and quickly put them to use. In fact it just takes 3 easy steps to be up and running with these convenient forms. If you ...
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The Music Business is the Music Business

Posted April 13th @ 13 April, 2014

The Music Business Is The Music Business and that really is that bottom line. This applies to all businesses especially those that involve the music industry. Whether the business is between a trusted friend, an acquaintance or someone you just met, the same rules apply.Many musicians or music industry entrepreneurs don't pay enough attention to the business aspect of their career and as a result end up broke or in bad deals. It is a good thing there are great musician resources out there to ...
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Talking To The Dead

Posted April 12th @ 12 April, 2014

If you're a type that may have bad dreams then please don't read this story. For this is not about make believe, but rather this is about the living dead. I would have ran for my life if only I had realized that I was talking to a dead person. Because such a thing happening was so unexpected, I just never imagined that the person could have been dead when I was talking to her. It all started out as a normal Friday night. I was a young teen and love and spring were both in the air. My ...
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Contracts for Music Artist - Understanding Them and More!

Posted April 11th @ 11 April, 2014

For someone new to the music industry, contracts for music artist would actually seem rather complex. But educating yourself with the basics would get you familiar with business music contracts. Contracts for Music Artist In the vast and widespread music industry, there is actually an outstanding number of varieties of Contracts for Music Artist that are available. If you are in fact thinking about entering in the music industry then it would be an excellent idea to get yourself acquainted with ...
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